Affiliate program

Easy to join - Easy to earn

Commission and payment:

  • 20% commission on total order amount.
  • Commission earned during a month will be paid out end of following month.
  • Payments are primarily made by bank transfer (other payment methods may be made available upon request).
  • If the referred customer doesn't complete a purchase immediately you will still receive commission if a purchase is completed within 180 days. Subsequent purchases within 180 days of the last purchase are also eligible for commission.

How to join in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a new customer account if you don't already have one
  2. Send an email to
  3. Your account will be upgraded to affiliate within 24 hours
  4. Log in to your account and choose 'Change your details'
  5. Fill out the fields with your bank information

How to earn:

  • After your account has been changed to affiliate you will find a link, to use when promoting the site, in your account under 'Change your details'. The link is in the form', where 'your_code' will be unique for you, you can request your own code when completing step 2 above or we will choose one for you.
  • Place this link where you believe potential buyers will click on it.
  • When a buyer comes via your link the purchases will be automatically registered and credited to your account.
  • In your account, under 'Affiliate Sales', you can see how much you have earned, when the orders were placed and what items were sold.

Misc notes:

  • We don't report your earnings to any authority. It is your responsibility to report to relevant authorities, for tax or other purposes, if you are required to do so.
  • You can change your bank and personal information anytime but you can not change your affiliate link unless you open a new account.
  • Don't drive traffic by tricking users into coming here, i.e. advertising something completely different, tricked users will not buy anything anyway and nobody profits from such tactics.
  • The payout delay is non-negotiable in order to avoid abuse of the system.